Fads Come and Go – Basics Remain the Same

In my 40 years of manufacturing experience I’ve been witness to several cycles of fads. First there was planned obsolescence, now it’s sustainability. Then there was period of “How the Japanese do it” manufacturing followed with green manufacturing. Some lone voice with a cause rises above the rest then the literary artists go to work. They write books, give speeches, do consulting, etc. This is an industry in itself and we all follow like sheep.

Want to be successful in business? Stick to the basics:

  • Produce a quality product, at a competitive price, and delivered on time.

Planned obsolescence did not work because quality was compromised.

The Japanese, while they made a major contribution to quality standards, their just in time manufacturing methods were not competitive. Companies turned to offshoring their production. How just in time is a slow boat from China? Companies are now bringing production back home because of delivery times and quality issues.

Are you beginning to see the madness to this endless search for the end all solution? Life would be a lot less disruptive if we would just stick to the basics Produce a quality product, at a competitive price, and delivered on time.

EXAIR throughout its 28 year history has adhered to the basics. We know that when a customer calls us they have a need that has to be addressed now. For the 15th consecutive year we achieved 99.9% on time deliveries.

Quality not only pertains to product, but also with customer service. It is important that we help the customer choose the right product to serve his needs. Our employees are not just order takers. Everyone in the organization receives product training.  When a customer’s P.O. has line items that do not go together, flags are raised and the customer is contacted. Many a purchasing agent has sent us letters of thanks for catching these errors.

With EXAIR you have a friend in the business. I am an application engineer and would be happy to assist you with your application.

Joe Panfalone
Application Engineer

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  1. I love the “basics” theme, agreeing it seems like there is always a search for some magic elixir that has somehow been overlooked. Just do the job, and do the job right.

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