A Matter of Trust

Mirriam-Webster lists their top definitions for “trust” as:

1a:assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something
b:one in which confidence is placed

Queensryche asked, “Who do you trust when everyone’s a crook?”
(for bonus points, count the “classic 80’s metal video moves” in the link)

The X-Filesadvised us to “Trust No One”.

So did Buddha.

Trust is a tricky issue.
Trust can’t and shouldn’t be awarded to just anyone.
Trust has to be earned, not given blindly.
And trust can only be earned over time as positive experiences build confidence.

Trustworthiness, ethics and honesty aren’t to be taken lightly or for granted.
A company without these traits is doomed to failure.
Click here for a great article on “truthiness” from Stanford’s School of Business.

Have you or your company been burned in the past by trusting someone who didn’t ultimately deserve it?
I suppose that everyone has at one time or another.  We have here at EXAIR.
Some supposed “partners” just aren’t trustworthy.  They may be unethical or downright dishonest.
It can be a really unpleasant experience and a painful lesson to learn.

I agree with an approach made famous by Ronald Reagan – trust, but verify.
Don’t tell me, show me.  If you are as good as you say, there would be some proof, wouldn’t there?
In other words, put up or shut up.

Who trusts EXAIR?

  • Over 80,000 customers in over 100 countries trust EXAIR
  • Distributors in nearly 60 countries trust EXAIR
  • Virtually every Fortune 500 company with a manufacturing operation trusts EXAIR
  • Military bases and naval ships trust EXAIR
  • Nuclear power plants trust EXAIR
  • Automakers like GM, Ford, Chrysler, Mercedes, Fiat, BMW, Porsche and Ferrari trust EXAIR
  • Aircraft and engine manufacturers like Boeing, General Electric and Airbus trust EXAIR
  • Computer equipment manufacturers like Intel, Dell, Seagate, Maxtor and EMC trust EXAIR
  • Consumer product companies like Procter and Gamble and Kimberly-Clark trust EXAIR
  • Catalogs like McMaster-Carr, MSC and Grainger trust EXAIR
  • Theme parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios trust EXAIR
  • Live shows like Cirque du Soleil trust EXAIR
  • Rock bands like Kiss trust EXAIR
  • Television programs like The X-Files trust EXAIR

How has EXAIR earned their trust?  There is only one way – consistent excellence.

  • 27 years in business helping customers solve industrial problems
  • Consistent, unwavering ownership, management and business focus
  • The most experienced, educated and trained team in the business, period
  • Obsessive commitment to all-around excellence and continuous improvement
  • Innovative and award-winning product design and development
  • Unmatched product quality
  • Unmatched compliance with international standards
  • Unmatched technical support
  • Unmatched distributor training and support
  • Advanced manufacturing equipment, processes and practices
  • Advanced testing capabilities and lab
  • Legendary customer service
  • Environmental and social responsibility

EXAIR is here to help, period.  Before, during and after you decide to buy anything from us.

Even if you never buy anything from us.

Did you know that EXAIR will refer you to another company if we feel like we aren’t the best company to help with your particular problem?  If we can’t help, we’ll try to point you to someone who can.

To all of those customers out there all over the world that have trusted EXAIR over the past 26 years, we sincerely thank you.

We are here to help, wherever and whenever you need us.

Claims are easy, proof is hard.

Bryan Peters

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