Good Old Fashioned Static Eliminating Application

The following video shows a stamping machine process where expanded Polystyrene trays are stamped from a matrix, stacked and cleaned for packaging into bulk bags.

 The customer was having a lot of difficulty with a lot of fine-type materials, “fines” as we call them, which ended up in the final packaged bag of material with the trays. These small “fines” were created as a result of the stamping process itself. As the die came down and made the cut, there were little slivers of material that were created. The customer thought perhaps the die was in bad condition or perhaps alignment was out. They checked these items and found both to be in good condition.

They were still having the problem with the contamination in the bags along with the good product. The next step was to assign a second task to the operator who was collecting the trays, stacking and packaging them. It was now his job to blow the trays off with a regular compressed air gun before packaging to remove the debris (as you can see in the video). The problem was he was still not able to get 100% of the debris removed due to a problem with static electricity that was forming between the trays.

As you can see, the trays are cut and fall down onto the machine base to form a stack. Once stacked, the trays were in intimate contact with one another. As the operator handled the trays, separating them for blowing, etc, he was actually generating static charges that no regular blow-gun will be able to remove.

I recommended to the customer to make the simple step to switch out the operator’s regular blow-gun for an EXAIR Ion Air Gun (with static eliminating ions). The Ion Air Gun produces an ionized airflow which is exactly what the operator needed to get 100% of the debris and other “fines” out of the stack of trays before he put them into a bag.

This end customer ended up using our complete Ion Air Gun Kit Model 7493 to solve their localized debris problem with great success. They are currently evaluating applying this method to their other die cutting stations.

Neal Raker
International Sales

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