There is an App for That

The rising popularity of smartphones has given birth to an industry called apps or applications to be used on your phone. There are over 10,000 applications available ranging from productivity tools to simple games.

What makes my job as an application engineer for EXAIR so interesting is that our compressed air products are implemented in applications over a broad range of industries; from medical to mining.

Then there is the stimulus of those “off the wall” applications like the golf caddy that needed a high-powered blow gun to clean golf shoes without having to use a wet bath that soaked the shoes. The special effects industry is particularly fun, as these guys really get creative with our products. The animators for an amusement part wanted a powerful blast of air to come out of a gorilla mannequin hovering over the guests. They were able to do that using one of our air amplifiers nestled back inside the mouth of the mannequin.

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