How Does Heat Affect Electronics?

How does heat affect electronics? The theoretical explanation is that semiconductor devices work by means of the movement of charge carriers (electrons and holes). The key is controlling their movement through intrinsic regions (and insulators) that have different electrical properties. However, at sufficiently high temperatures, the electrical difference between the regions disappears and the p-n junction becomes ineffective in controlling carrier movement. So you’ve lost the electrical characteristics of the semiconductor.

If you understood all that gobbledygook good for you. But for those of us that are charged with keeping production lines up and running, all we need to now is that heat is our enemy. With more and more electronics being implemented for process control, heat issues top the list of our priorities. We get creative in our battle against heat. As pictured to the right it is common to open the panel doors and blow air with a floor fan. This poses a safety issue and blows contaminants onto the circuit boards.

For most of the nation up to their knees in snow, summer heat is not foremost in our minds. But now is the time to explore EXAIR’s solution to electronics cooling. Using just compressed air, with our vortex technology we generate cool purging air. These units fit in the palm of your hand and can generate up to 5600 btu/hr. With no moving parts they are virtually maintenance free and operate indefinitely.

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