Quick Response Codes

QR Codes, or Quick Response Codes, are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. You may have seen these 2-dimensional codes around town on billboards, lampposts, in magazines, or on product packaging. Similar to bar code technology, QR Codes are made up of a pattern of black modules which can be scanned and decoded with your camera phone using QR Code reading applications.

Many organizations, as well as individuals, are using QR Codes to advertise products, offer discounts, or to provide additional information and more. EXAIR has put a QR code on our business cards to better support out customer’s quest for information. Check it out.

With  the recent passing of my wife, the design of a head stone is one of the many decisions and choices I am faced with.  Technology has really raised the level of what can put on a tombstone. With computerized lasers, they can etch detailed pictures of the person or an activity that they were passionate about. Being of a technical mindset, I created a QR code of my wife’s biography to be etched on her headstone. The biography is a work in progress but that’s the beauty of the technology, once the code is created the content that it directs you to can be modified.

We at EXAIR are continually probing for new ways of  being there for our customers. “How can we help you” seems so  trite and overused, so we demonstrate it by our actions.  How many companies that you deal with offer you:

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