Finding Team Players

Many moons ago in a previous life, I attended a seminar on “Hiring & Firing” . The thing that stuck with me over the years is the disparity between the criteria for hiring vs. that for firing. According to a survey of  the top 10 reasons for hiring, technical skills topped the list and personality was nearly last. Interestingly, of the top 10 reasons for firing, technical competence was last and personality was first. The point the lecturer was making is the need to do a better job at hiring. If you are not firing for the same reasons that you hire then you need to evaluate your priorities.

Today many companies administer personality as well as aptitude tests. Some go as far as to use the Rorshach ink spot test.

EXAIR Corporation prides itself in its selection of employees. Not only are they technically competant, they are team players willing to go the extra mile for each other and the customer.

Teamwork is one of EXAIR’s hallmarks and what has made us so successful in serving our customers. The way we handle ourselves is obvious to even those that have not  met us face to face. Here is a tweet I received exemplifies the perception of us.


RPMconsultants @bernardtmartin #FF @EXAIR @EXAIR_JP @EXAIR_KE @airknives @EXAIR_BF << how a company works as a TEAM ★★★★★8 Apr


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