Wise Words

I have a routine in the morning as almost everyone does.  Part of that routine is picking a book from my bookshelf and thumbing through the pages while I have breakfast with my son.  I’m always looking for something motivational or inspiring to send out to my family and friends.  I find it helpful to have a positive thought to revert to throughout the day and I enjoy sharing that with others.

Given this habit, I’m always on the lookout for wise words wherever I am and one of the first things I saw when I started at EXAIR was a quote next to an engineer’s desk.  It reads:  “You must have long-term goals to keep from being frustrated by short-term failures.”  Wise words indeed.

Failure is inevitable with any undertaking, but can be a great thing sometimes.  Knowledge and growth are byproducts of failure when handled the right way, and that’s how we handle things at EXAIR. 

At EXAIR, we strive to do the best and be the best which must include long-term goals.  Part of a long-term goal is a plan to provide structure and a clear definition of the right direction to take.  If you have questions about the right direction to take with your project, contact an application engineer.  We’ll help you plan it out. 

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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