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In a recent walk through our production facility I struck up a conversation with a few guys in our shipping department.  I know that they’ve run in a few marathon races around town and I asked how they’re running was coming along.  After a few months they’re up  to ten miles –TEN MILES!  They invited me to run with them in a few weeks in “Natalie’s Fly Through the Park”, a race to benefit the memorial foundation of a local child.  I proudly said: “Challenge accepted.”  Lucky for me the race is only a few miles long and since it benefits a good cause, it’s easy to stay inspired.  (For more information on the event or to register, click here.)

But what about the arduous tasks that aren’t quite as fun?  Determining the output flow of an Air Amplifier at varying PSI using values on a logarithmic scale doesn’t sound very fun to most, but it does to me.  I’ve always had an affinity for numbers and definite values, but more than that I wanted to understand the math behind how those values are derived and determined.  For example, what is the coefficient of thermal expansion for one of our products if made of an alternate material of construction?  How is this value determined?

These are some of the questions that arise in my conversations with EXAIR customers.  These same questions keep me enthused and increasingly engaged in the (seemingly) endless data tables that relate to our products and components.

If you have a question involving our current product line or involving a proposed modification, please contact me so we can discuss the application.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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  1. “Determining the output flow of an Air Amplifier at varying PSI using values on a logarithmic scale doesn’t sound very fun to most” OK I would be in that camp. A great of you to run your race.

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