Air Knife Assist in Labeling Application

A customer recently applied our 3″ Super Air Knife model 110003 to their labeling process. The customer was tasked with applying and identification label onto the top and side of a moving case of product. The top part of the application was fairly simple with a rod fitted with an application pad that came down for a split second to “stamp” the label into position. The second part of the application, folding the rest of the label down over the trailing edge of the case, proved to be a little more challenging.

The customer came up with the idea to have an air knife apply a well-timed blast of air to the back of the case at an angle to essentially push the rest of the label down onto the case. Here is a video of the application.

Our Air Knives and Air Nozzles have been used in many, similar, labeling applications in the past. They have also been used in non-contact sorting and other applications where some physical force needed to be applied to a moving target going by on a conveyor.  If you have a similar need, feel free to contact us. We would be glad to go over your application and share with you our ideas of which kind of solution might work best, bearing in mind what we have already done as shown above.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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