The Cicadas Told Me

Here in the Cincinnati area we had our first frost which I predicted back on the first of August. Well actually I didn’t the cicadas did. Folklore is that 10 weeks after the Cicadas are in full swing will be the first frost. In early August we were in triple digit heat with no signs of relief. My co-workers scoffed at me so I put a note on my calendar to prove the point. I love it when they have to eat crow.

In modern times we have controlled our environment so much that we have forgotten any of the signs that nature sends us of pending weather. All we have to do is watch the 6 o’clock news. But when you are out and about in nature, do you know what to look for? I remember a time that we were fishing the Shenandoah River. I noticed the leaves on the trees were turned upside down – a sign of oncoming rain. I told our guide that we should be thinking of working our way back to the cars because it looks like it is going to rain. He said that there was no rain in the forecast. He and  the others in the group were not going to quit fishing based on some old wives tale. As it turned out, not only did it rain, but a tornado touched down in the area! We got drenched and feared for our lives.

If you’re interested, here are some other weather folklore signs :

Ring around the moon – A halo around the sun or moon is caused by the refraction of that body’s light by ice crystals at high altitude. Such high-level moisture is a precursor to moisture moving in at increasingly lower levels, and is a good indicator that an active weather system is on its way.

Birds on the roost – low pressure air is less dense so birds find it more difficult to fly and they tend to sit it out. Low pressure is a sign of pending weather front.

Dew in the morning – no rain today.

I hope you found this informative if not entertaining.

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  1. I recall a visit to Iowa a couple of years ago. I had heard cicadas before but never like I heard them there. Waves of sound with crescendos and quiet moments. Since that visit I hear them locally, or rather notice them more, but never at those levels. I’ll try to recall next year to count down the weeks next year.

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