Just What Do We Do at Work Anyway?

Well, isn’t that a good question? Sometimes it’s hard to explain but I’ll give it a try….

First and foremost, today I went out to lunch with girlfriend (of fifteen years who also convinced me to say “I do”). I also managed to wrestle (literally) both boys out of bed this morning; had I known it was a tag team match I would have enlisted their older sister.

Oh, right – what did I do at WORK – sorry about that.

I arrived, clicked on my Lava Lamp and got right down to all the hard work…

I sent out a tweet (@exair_ke) about a super hero guy in Seattle named Phoenix Jones who used mace to apparently break up some kind of unlawful gathering of street dancers. I do believe I referred to him negatively – Please accept my apologies Mr. Phoenix, I neglected to recognize the need for masked crusaders in homemade super-hero outfits to protect us from unruly dubstep dancers.

I also helped clean up from the birthday party we threw for Mr. Spock. Yes it was a bit late but who in their right mind would miss this occasion. With Professor Penurious and the like around here we took the opportunity to celebrate when we got the chance, and today was as good as any. Look for some of the celebration in the Professor’s next video due out later this month! (see more of the Professor, and other helpful videos here)

"I am endeavoring, ma'am, to construct a mnemonic circuit using stone knives and bearskins."

I also looked at our latest Facebook entry of “Office Toys” – pictures of the toys and stuff we currently use to amuse ourselves around here.

And I did complete a “Compressed Air Safety” guest blog entry on UniTherm’s blog this afternoon, you should check it out – great topic and UniTherm is doing a nice job with their blog.

I also succeeded in helping a customer solve a static problem on
headlight assemblies, assisted another customer with a 3D drawing so she could
fit it in to her machine assembly, and outfitted another customer’s 1/4″
copper tubes with our Super Air Nozzles #1102 (which saved them about 25 SCFM
per tube x 10 tubes for a total of 250 SCFM, they run one 8 hour shift which
equates to 3,000,000 SCFM per year and $750.00 in savings – not bad for a
$260.00 investment, instant ROI!)

Oh and I also wrote a blog trying to include all of our social
media efforts of the day – ah, the sweet smell of success.

Have a great day,
Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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