With the nip in the air you know it’s that time of year. Halloween

Well another year has rolled around and it has come time to figure out what to wear for this years Halloween parties.  The best part for my wife and I is visiting the pumpkin patch to let our daughter pick out a pumpkin, and then figuring out what to dress her as for Trick or Treat.  Last year she wasn’t walking too good and didn’t even make it to the candy time but she was still dressed as a rabbit.   This year “we” (meaning my wife made the call) decided she could be Pebbles from everyone’s favorite TV family, The Flintstones.

The reason this was decided and I 100% agreed with it was she has the same hair and can even get the top of the head pony tail with her red hair.  So instead of buying a manufactured costume we both decided it would be best to have my mom make one like she always did mine growing up.  So last weekend my mom brings down her sewing machine and my wife gets the fabric and the production begins.  Now keep in mind this is a simple dress.   After a full day they not only had a dress but also a small bone to go on the pony tail and a costume for my nephew to dress as Bam Bam. The costume looks far better than anything that could ever be bought in a store and the quality beats anything you can get at a store in a plastic bag.  (I’m not partial at all though seeing as how it was made by my own mother and wife.)

Now if only I could pull off making a Flintstones car like this guy did to go with her costume.  Unfortunately we didn’t find this until last night.  Maybe I can pull it off.

(Picture from Instructables.com)

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Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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