And the Number One Use For Treadmills In the American Home Is…

I don’t own a treadmill, but if I did, odds are pretty good that it would look like this:

I do own a digital piano, though. I’ve been playing since I was eight, and I’m fairly competent. I play mainly by ear, but I was taught how to read sheet music, so, given enough time, I can usually stumble through just about anything put in front of me.

Regardless of titles I’ve had in my professional and family life, I’ve always defined myself as a musician. I’ve played in bands; I’ve written and recorded songs. I’ve played gigs and seen people that I don’t know, in the crowd, singing along with the words of songs I’ve written. I’m sure that it’s old-hat to Billy Joel and Paul McCartney, but those were some of the most memorable moments of my life.

My piano is set up in the back room of my house. It’s right next to my computer desk, so I can plug it right in to my computer, and use my MIDI software to record the next great Anthem of My Generation, should I be so inspired. And I trust that I might still be, someday soon.

I got into a BAD habit not too long ago, though, of putting the mail and other paperwork that I had to go through on the corner of my piano. Soon, it had spread across the keyboard, in little stacks that needed to be filed. Then one day, I saw this:

It was a real “A-Ha” moment. I went and cleared off the piles of paperwork (they haven’t all been filed yet, but that’s another story), and took a little time to play…perhaps offering an apology to my piano for having disrespected it so badly.

I don’t know if anyone really uses a treadmill to hang their clothes on, or if anyone else has ever used a musical instrument as an extension of their desk. Look around…is something in your home – or your life – “repurposed” for a less noble use than it was intended? I’m a little embarrassed that I have to use the word “again” here, but I’m proud to say that I’m a musician again. All I had to do was stop hanging clothes on my treadmill.

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