Exactly Who Are You Dealing With Anyway?

I received a message from LinkedIn this morning. They have requested I add “skills” to my profile. They even gave me some suggestions. More specifically they suggested I add the skills of “Psychology”, “Africa” and “Silicon” . They even gave me the opportunity to see an expanded list of skills I could add to my profile! So I begin to think…

I use psychology every day while raising three kids, two “tweens” and one kid without a fancy label – and that one is particularly fond of Weird Al. For those reasons alone I must dabble a bit in behaviorism. I minored in psychology in college. I know about Jung and Freud, and spent portions of my college career with an “unconscious mind”. I learned about abnormal psychology and I have seen Young Frankenstein MANY times.

In other words, I am seriously considering adding “psychology” to my skills profile.

And coincidentally just yesterday I looked at a map of the world, found Africa, and then zeroed in on Zambia. Can you find Zambia? (If you can you should add “Africa” to your skills). I know it is a continent and shaped like a horses head and is home to some of the most fascinating animals on earth. And it has a large island off its coast called Madagascar – again I have seen all the Madagascar movies made by DreamWorks. Add “Africa” to my skills? I think so.

And then there is “Silicon” which I don’t know much about, but I looked it up on wikipedia and now I feel much more informed and skilled in reference to it. It might be a stretch but I think it could be added to my skills on LinkedIn. And in looking over the long list of things they said I could add I am also considering “Festivals” (I have been to many), “Estate Planning” (I have a will) and “Debugging” (I worked a summer temp job for an exterminator years ago).

Here’s the point, so many times it is difficult to know who you are dealing with, what skills they actually have and what their experience may be. If you think the above illustrations are a stretch, I would typically mumble something about how big of a world it is and that people are generally crazy – don’t put it past ’em.

Fortunately, at EXAIR, we have vehicles to prove who you are dealing with. A phone call, e-mail or chat will get you the expertise you are looking for from a staff of experienced Application Engineers with varied backgrounds and insights. You can also see more of our personalities on Twitter and Facebook. And then we round it out with this blog so you can be confident you know more about the people you are dealing with. (You may now consider one of them to be mildly crazy, but hey – I’m just trying to fit in).

If you need assistance with saving your compressed air and keeping it safe, let us know.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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