Keep Your Pressure Up and Your Risk Down

Keeping up with all the new products EXAIR has been introducing has been somewhat daunting for me. My co-workers claim it is due to the age of my internal hard drive.  I would like to think that it is so filled with decades of knowledge that it has slowed down my internal processor. It is undeniable though, that EXAIR continues to launch new products to better serve the industrial compressed air community.

When we recently introduced our Atto Nozzle, which is about the size of a grain of rice, I started receiving application calls needing to replace open miniature copper tubing which presents issues with the OSHA directive of 30 psi maximum dead-end pressure. When operating the small open copper tubes at 30 psi they were not able to achieve sufficient air flow. Going to anything larger was not an option due to space constraints.

With the Atto Nozzle,  the orifices are nestled between the protective fins and there are multiple orifices. This makes it impervious to blockage so higher air pressures can be used to provide an effective blow off. Higher inlet pressures equal higher velocity air and sufficient volume to continue to get the job done while still maintaining OSHA compliance. All of EXAIR’s Super Air Nozzles have these features to allow you to keep your pressure up and get the job done while maintaining or increasing the safety to your personnel.

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