Refrigerated Air From Compressed Air

EXAIR was contacted by a novelty candy making company. These folks mold chocolates in shapes and forms to celebrate special occasions such as weddings, retirements, special achievements, etc.

It is mostly a handwork operation, slow and time-consuming. Production can be increased by producing multiple molds but these are a one time use item relevant to a specific customer. The cost of the molds could easily exceed the cost of the candy material.

To speed up production they tried various methods of cooling so the product could be released from the molds sooner. Nothing seemed to work as well as they would have liked until they came across EXAIR’s website  and saw the vortex tubes. Working with one of our application engineers, the appropriate product was picked out and installed as pictured.

The near freezing air from the vortex tubes cooled the product almost as fast as they could fill the individual molds. Being able to effectively and inexpensively cool the molds eliminated the need for additional expensive molds by speeding up production of the finished candies.

If you need technical assistance give us a call 1-800-903-9247 and ask to speak to an application engineer. We have experience with all kinds of applications; some routine and some exotic. With that we can certainly come up with something for your application. Rest assured if we cannot, we will tell you as well as try to direct you to a possible source.

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