Customer or Process – Which Master to Serve

For the past century the manufacturing community has been trying to serve multiple masters but not being very successful at it. Manufacturers feel they have to serve the customer but they invest all of their time and resources into their manufacturing technologies.

The erosion of the American auto industry to foreign competition is a prime example. During the 70’s and 80’s, Detroit was spewing out gas guzzling rust buckets designed the way they wanted not necessarily what the customer wanted. Their attention was focused on higher production.

Customer choice was limited. It was one of the “Big Three” of some lesser European import. When they were challenged to come us with a more reliable, safe, and less polluting vehicle they dug their feet in and protested. They complied but the engines ran rough and ran backwards when turned off. They got even less gas mileage.

Then the Japanese hit our shores with a quality, safe dependable vehicle at a competitive price. That was a game changer. Other foreign competitors seized the opportunity and now we have 200 HP cars that get 40 miles per gallon and pass all EPA pollutant directives.

So a manufacturer can serve two masters. All they have to do is follow an age-old mantra “Give the customer a quality product at a competitive price, delivered on time

EXAIR from its inception has subscribed to this. We achieve 99.9% on time deliveries not just once but every year for over a decade. Our products have a 5 year built to last warranty and our product line expansion is consumer driven. Long before energy conservation was a buzzword, EXAIR was building compressed air products that conserved compressed air.

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