Validating Performance – it’s Nice From an Outside Source

Customers continually request the performance characteristics of our products. They inquire about how much compressed air our products will reduce within their application or plant. They ask how EXAIR can decrease the noise levels in their production environments or what products will help them achieve OSHA compliance, thus preventing fines or citations. Fortunately for EXAIR these are the easy questions. Due to the longevity of our employees, many of us know those answers off the top of our heads. If we don’t, the answers can be found within our catalog or website. These performance characteristics are quantifiable and/or identifiable by measurement or design and we readily list them in charts or identify products as OSHA compliant.

We also broadcast other, less tangible, performance data about the way our company operates. EXAIR annually (since 1997) tracks our on-time shipments and we have been at 99.9% on time since 1997! Up until a few years ago it was a difficult message to broadcast. Now we generally send out a tweet or two, write it in the blog or place it on our Facebook page. But you still have to take our word for it.

Internally we know how fast we confirm orders and get them out the door, but it is difficult for prospective customers to perceive. The shipping guys are well aware of how accurately they ship products, and so are the individual customers they ship to – but if customers knew just how accurate those guys are across the board they would be impressed.

EXAIR has always expected this kind of performance from us, which results in a group of employees who don’t know anything different than quick and precise order confirmations, extremely accurate and fast shipping, quality and consistent product performance (to name a few) – all from real people willing to speak with you and help you accordingly.

So when we receive recognition from an outside source for doing what we know how to do, it is icing on the cake and greatly appreciated. I am happy to say that we have been recognized by Grainger as a Partner in Performance for 2011, an award that goes to less than 1% of Grainger’s 3000+ suppliers who meet a high set of performance standards as measured by Grainger.

It’s all in the intangibles, the qualities EXAIR possesses that are difficult to communicate unless given the chance to prove it. We would like to thank Grainger for the award and thank them for recognizing EXAIR’s abilities to help Grainger meet the high standards they demand for their own company. If we can do it for Grainger, we can do it for you. Give us a call and let us prove it.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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