The Right Tool For The Job

My eldest went camping with his Boy Scout Troop this past weekend. Every year, the US Grant District has a January campout, because, well, that’s what Boy Scouts do. Last year’s was called “Fire and Ice” and this year, it was the “Klondike Derby,” as they had planned on having a sled race. This was precluded by the unfortunate “heat wave” that made it just barely too warm for it to snow. So it rained instead.

In preparation for this outing, I took my son shopping for some quality cold gear. We found that you can spend a few bucks on standard cotton “long johns” if you want…that’s OK if you’re going to shovel the driveway or walk the dog. Some of the big-name sportswear folks will hit you up for a little more money, for gear that they make out of synthetic materials that wick away moisture and are very lightweight…which is great if you’re out for a jog, or a pick-up basketball game over at the schoolyard.

But if you’re looking at spending 72 hours worth of January, outdoors, in the Midwest, you go with tried and true outdoor performance gear. Last year, when my son was still a Cub Scout, we visited the troop he was soon to join at the “Fire and Ice” campout, and we took note of what they were wearing then, and that’s what we went with. They design, engineer, and manufacture their products with this exact application in mind, and it works. Some might say this is proof of the saying that “you get what you pay for.” I would say it validates the saying about “the right tool for the job.”

We get calls every day from people who are looking to similarly upgrade the performance of their current equipment. Some want to replace those inexpensive air guns from the discount tool store that are too loud, use too much air, and don’t meet the safety guidelines anyway. EXAIR’s Safety Air Guns are the perfect solution. Others may be moving bulk materials, and are looking for a way to replace their “bucket and ladder” approach. Look no further than the Line Vac. What about electrical enclosures with sensitive internal components that overheat when the refrigerant-type cooling systems fail due to clogged filters, fouled tubes, or a locked-up compressor? EXAIR’s Cabinet Cooler Systems are maintenance free, and more cost-effective as their conventional counterparts (we did the math.)
If there’s something you wish your current method of compressed air use would do, but isn’t, give us a call. Whether it’s cooling, drying, blow off, static elimination, vacuum generation, liquid spraying, or industrial housekeeping, EXAIR designs, engineers, and manufactures products with these exact applications in mind…and they work.

By the way, my son not only survived, but had a blast at the Klondike Derby. In fact, he’s actually a little let down that the next campout isn’t until March.

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