How Fast Can I Get That Information?

I feel like I blog about this frequently, but this time it’s different I promise.  With technology and information moving faster and faster every day it is very easy to request information be sent to you and expect it to reach you immediately.  Some of us, including myself, prefer to have a good old fashion print catalog.  A picture of my EXAIR Catalog 24 is below.

I know I use my catalog every day with almost every single customer I talk to.   I’m one of those people that have all our information at the click of the mouse but when it comes to looking something up I rely on the print catalog.  I know where the new products have been placed in the PDF files and so in my mind they are there.

If you are one of those people then you probably do just like I do.  If I am looking for something on the internet I request a catalog from whatever site I’m on that offers it.  What surprises me is how long it takes to get some of the catalogs.  I requested a catalog from a well known wood working supply house over three weeks ago and still have yet to see the catalog.

Here at EXAIR if you request a print catalog we will ship it out same day.  Not only will we send it out same day, we will send it out Priority Mail that day.  This goes hand in hand with all of our stock product;   if you place an order by 3:30 pm EST and we are shipping within the states, then we will ship your order that same day.  If you want a catalog we can even throw that in there too!

If you aren’t like me and you like to have the most up to date electronic version of a catalog then hop on our website and download the PDF files for free.  We even have an entire section optimized for E-Readers and iPads.  We do ask you to register for the downloads, but it is a one time thing which gets you access to our application database, CAD Library, and catalog files.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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