So What’s in A Job Description?

Job descriptions have evolved as important part in establishing pay scales. As with any well-meaning endeavor it comes with a downside; we’ve slipped into a culture of “it’s not my job“.  This profligates inefficiencies forcing employers to seek out alternatives to remain competitive giving birth to automation, outsourcing, contracted temps, and offshoring to name a few.

Paradigms are tough to change and sometimes it takes a crisis like what was experience by the automakers. The shock and awe of a collapsing market changed their corporate culture and with that they are making a comeback.

The mantra today is to  bring the jobs back. In reality some of those jobs will never come back because they have been replaced with automation and improved processes. What jobs we can bring back, need to be protected from the “not my job” syndrome otherwise more efficient alternatives will eradicate those too. Machines may be able to perform functions efficiently and consistently but they will not replace human intervention. There will always be a need for human assessment and direction to be applied through engagement within these functions.

Politicians are touting small businesses as the backbone of our economy. Why is that? Because with smaller groups, everyone from the owner to the laborer, has to work as a team. Focusing on the customer, everyone is cognizant of what needs to be done. Small businesses do not have access to large amounts of capital to cover up inefficiency. Thus the survival of the company is the job description of everyone.

EXAIR is a small business and we have the team concept which is why we have enjoyed growth since our inception 28 years ago. We would like you to challenge us with your application and witness firsthand the fruits of teamwork. Call one of our application engineers at 1-800-903-9247 and experience it for yourself.

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Application Engineer

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  1. Right on, Joe!
    America cannot survive without small businesses. Congrats on 28 years of growth! That’s an impressive feat in today’s world.
    We’re a small business, as well, and we do all of our manufacturing and software testing in-house. It’s worked for us for 39 years.

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