Sanitizing Pig Barns

At this years Daytona race we saw them using Tide® to spread over an oil spill. This reminded me of an application I did several years ago. The customer was a hog farmer and needed a better way to disinfect his barns.

I never realized how imperative sanitation is in this industry. Due to the close quarters the hogs are contained, any disease could wipe out an entire herd in a matter of days. Before you can enter a barn you have to dress yourself in a space suit and then remove it as you exit. A new suit has to be worn when entering a different barn.

When bedding is removed, it has to be disinfected before it can leave the barn. A sawdust like material treated with a biocide is applied with a hand spreader then it is scooped up with a skid steer. The customer wanted a faster way to apply the biocide. EXAIR suggest a Vac U Gun Transfer System.

This allowed the operator to remain on the skid steer and apply the disinfectant while he scooped up the bedding. This dramatically reduced labor time by combining the two operations.

The Vac U Gun is a versatile tool as its direction can be reversed and used as a vacuum pick up as well.Do you think you have an application for a Vac U Gun? Give one of our application engineers a call and they will go over the application with you.

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