EXAIR Products and RoHS Compliance

Lately we have been receiving an increasing number of calls and e-mails that are concerned with RoHS compliance. Customers are contacting us wanting to get some official statement concerning RoHS compliance as detailed in EU Directive 2002/95/EC, including the amendment outlined in the European Commission decision L 214/65.

It would be my humble attempt to try and clear the confusion a bit. A majority of EXAIR products operate strictly on compressed air. In those cases, the product in question is not covered by any RoHS directive. RoHS only affects those products which are electric or electronic in nature. This would exclude most items classified as pneumatic in nature. EXAIR product is mostly pneumatic in nature.

Where our product has electric or electronic components included, we do have the relevant RoHS documents that state our compliance. Those EXAIR products to which RoHS applies are clearly marked with an appropriate RoHS logo on the affected product,  in our catalog and on the web site.

If you have any questions about RoHS and which of our products comply, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to do our best to help you find those answers.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer / International Sales

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