Old Man Winter is Coming

Whether you use the Farmer’s Almanac, the National Weather Service, or the woolly worm to predict the impending severity of winter, all say that it will begin with cold and snow.

At the Woolly Worm Festival held Oct. 20-21 in downtown Banner Elk , NC, Lickety Split won the string climb. Its bands called for snow and below average temperatures for the first five weeks of winter. The next six weeks will be average to below normal, with unusual cold in the 12th week and more snow predicted for the final week, Festival winners and their predictions have an 84.5 percent accuracy rate.

According to the National Weather Service, October will be cooler than normal, but November and December will be slightly warmer than normal.

Whichever source you subscribe to, we obviously are going to be turning on the heat. When we do that, we dry the air out. One of the symptoms of dry air is static electricity. A static charge within certain production processes can cause multiple problems. Typically EXAIR works with customers who have sensors or counters malfunctioning, printers whose print quality degrades, or managers who call due to the complaints from personnel getting shocked. We also regularly solve new applications which arise. EXAIR has complete product line of static eliminators to help you through the dry winter months.

Give one of our application engineers a call for assistance with your static electricity issues. 1-800-903-9247

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