Another Vacuum Cup and Generator Application That Is Not Pick and Place

When we first started promoting and selling the E-vac Vacuum Generators, I have to admit that it was my thought that pick and place types of applications would be a large portion of what we do with this product line. Now that we have been at this product line for a while, we are finding that there are many customers out there who simply need to generate vacuum in order to do mundane things like holding product in place while a process is performed to the material.
I had one such case just the other day. A customer responded to an e-mail that I had sent to follow up on the product for which he was interested. He wanted to know more about the E-vacs. And in his reply he mentioned that his company made insulated glass panes for windows. An insulated glass pane is actually two panes of glass adhered together with the use of an air tight gasket that also acts as a spacer between the two panes of glass. Usually after assembly, the void between the two panes of glass is filled with Argon or some similar gas which has insulating properties.
The customer has a special table onto which they lay the “bottom” pane of glass to which they affix the seal / spacer. The customer wants to lock the pane of glass down onto the table to prevent it from moving during the assembly process, so they contacted me to see about possibility of implementing a single, 6” vacuum cup and an E-vac vacuum generator. The idea is to recess-mount the vacuum cup so that the lip of the cup is right at table height. Once the glass is lowered to the table, the E-vac is actuated and the vacuum cup contacts with the glass and pulls it down to the table. The following figures are a rough sketch of the idea.


As part of the solution, I recommended that the customer use an EXAIR Foot valve model 9040 so he could operate the E-vac in a hands-free method so that he could maneuver the glass around as needed. Our smallest, non-porous E-vac model 810002M along with a 6” Vacuum cup and some vacuum tubing to connect the two together did the application very well. Customer is happy and is thinking of implementing this idea across the rest of his 20 production tables.
Neal Raker, Application Engineer

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