Dad, Are You Serious!

slideIn support of those who used slide rules, comptometers, and bumper jacks…
My son was helping me clean out the basement when we came across my old slide rule. He asked what it was so I demonstrated how it worked. He looked at me with a blank stare and said ” Dad are you serious! Why not just use a calculator!” I told him because calculators were not around until the early 70’s. Then all they could do is add, subtract, multiply, and divide.

To preserve the legacy of the trusty slide rule, I challenged him to a math problem. He would use the calculator and would I used the slide rule. I won because it took fewer motions than it does with tapping a multitude of buttons on the calculator.

As an engineer, I embrace all new technology. Admittedly though, old technology is not totally useless and should not be regarded as irrelevant. Most new technology is spawned from the old. Wind power is as old as Don Quixote. Today’s wind turbines are simply a more efficient design in harnessing wind to generate electricity. Amateur Radio was a popular way to talk around the world. With the advent of the internet and cellphones  the novelty has waned. That’s not to say Ham Radio should be mothballed. In the case of a natural disaster, or if the internet would be  hacked by enemy forces, a pool of people with radio transmission skills will be called upon.

So in summary, new may be better but it does not make old useless. Preserve the old and glean from it new and improved technologies.

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