Line Vac Back Pressure

Line Vac Back Pressure

The photo above was received from an end user curious as to the back pressure limitations of a Line Vac.  They have numerous EXAIR Line Vacs in place and were curious how the air operated conveyor would fare when forced to supply product into a slightly pressurized vessel.  The application proposal and setup highlighted two great opportunities to educate our client about the product.

The first was that the Line Vac is designed to vent to ambient conditions – we never recommend installing a Line Vac against an opposing pressure.  In this case, back pressure was generated by adjusting a ball valve at the point where air vented to atmospheric conditions.  The second opportunity to educate about the Line Vac in this setup was in regards to the outlet line size.  The exhaust piping of a Line Vac should never be sized smaller than the Line Vac, and in this case the piping at the exhaust end of the Line Vac was undersized by 0.5”, creating a back pressure of its own.

Unfortunately, the pressure present in the area which to the Line Vac would be routed was too great for an EXAIR solution.  Fortunately, through a discussion with our Application Engineering department, the end user was steered toward a viable solution all while learning a little along the way.

Lee Evans

Application Engineer


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