Change Your Vacuum System at a Moments Notice

In my video from two weeks ago, I showed the operation and adjustment of the adjustable vacuum generator.  The video was short and simple for the viewer, but during the brainstorming of the video, I thought of a variety of topics I would like to cover.  Today, I thought I would expound on some of the ideas and benefits of why you would adjust the vacuum level on a vacuum generator.


As Russ mentioned in his blog this week, there are a variety of uses for vacuum generators.  The “textbook” application for vacuum generators is in conjunction with vacuum cups for pick and place applications.  For this application, you typically want to use a vacuum generator that is designed for the material that you are lifting.  For instance, a porous vacuum generator should be used when lifting  cardboard, fabric, paper, or foam (materials that let air flow through).  If you’re lifting metal, solid plastic, wax covered cardboard, or anything else that will stop the flow of air and have a smooth surface, a non-porous vacuum generator should be used.  You can use a porous generator on a non-porous surface, but you will be using more compressed air than you would use with a non-porous generator.

Now that we know when to use a non-porous generator and a porous generator what do you do if you production line or warehouse is changing the products it is moving.  Say that you want to be able to lift stainless steel products in the morning, but in the afternoon you are looking to lift the cardboard boxes containing the (now packaged) product.  The adjustable vacuum generator is much more efficient to adjust than changing all of the vacuum generators or having a different lifting rig for each application.

Alternatively, if you are using a vacuum generator to draw a vacuum on a vessel and that vacuum needs to be specifically controlled.  Say the material can’t withstand a vacuum above 10 inches of mercury or you need to reach a minimum vacuum level in .5 seconds to evacuate a vessel.  The Adjustable E-vac will allow you to use the minimum amount of compressed air to get the job done.

Dave Woerner
Application Engineer

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