New Atomizing Spray Nozzle Can Spray the Inside of a Duct

The second atomizing air nozzle that EXAIR introduced in Catalog 27 is the Internal Mix 360 Degree Hollow Circular Pattern Spray Nozzle, part number AT1010SS. This nozzle produces circular air pattern perpendicular to the flow of most atomizing air nozzles.  The AT1010SS can create a mist across 53 inch diameter circle.  The nozzle is constructed of 303 Stainless Steel for use in corrosive environments. It operates on a continuous stream of compressed air and pressurized liquid.  The AT1010SS features a compact design that is 3.20 inches long, 1.69 inches wide, and 0.88 inches thick to fit into small ducts or hard to reach corners.

360 degree Internal Mix Hollow Circular Pattern

The 360 degree nozzle, AT1010SS, can generate liquid flows up to 14.7 GPH.  The typical liquid pressure is from 10 PSI to 60 PSI, but can handle pressure much higher.  Contact an application engineer for more details on flow rates at higher or lower pressures. EXAIR has an extensive listing of the flow rates of various pressure on our website and in catalog 27.

This spray pattern is perfect for coating the inside of a pipe with rust preventative, paint, or protective coating. The flow pattern would also be able to coat a variety of duct shapes.  Mounted over a process, the nozzle pattern is also great for dust suppression, humidification and cooling over a wide area.

Dave Woerner
Application Engineer

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