Staying Sharp

One of my sisters recently decided to stop communicating with me in English.  My only method of communicating with her now is via picture message, SnapChat (kind of the same thing), or another language (preferred as Russian, but I write her in Spanish because that’s what brothers do (sometimes)).  The change is rooted in her decision to keep her skills sharp and to help with mine too, and it got me thinking about different variations of keeping ourselves sharp.

For EXAIR Application Engineers, that means being up to date on compressed air best practices, rules of thumb, and the seasonal needs of our end users.  For example, knowing when to use a thermal mass dispersion meter to measure flow vs. when an ultrasonic meter is required; or being able to approximate compressor output at a standard pressure based on horsepower rating; or using surface area and temperature differentials to determine heat load in an enclosure.

The latter is a need more frequently met during the summer months, and we hope to be the go-to source for keeping electronic enclosures cool.  Just this afternoon I spoke to a fabric manufacturer in South Carolina that is facing an overheat condition for their camera system.  The system is housed in the ceiling of the workshop and can have temperature swings as high as 90°F!  (Meaning the ΔT between the ambient temperature and the temperature inside the camera housing can fluctuate by as much as 90°F.)

After sorting through the details of the application, we found that it may be possible to cool the enclosure with an EXAIR Cabinet Cooler.  Determined to “measure twice, cut once”, the end user decided to reaffirm the application details, but committed to purchasing through EXAIR before we ended the call.

The best part of helping this particular customer was that they had never used EXAIR products before, and had only seen our brand in other industrial facilities.  They decided to give us a try and were more than pleased with the solution we could provide.  Keeping consistently high standards for both products and service is what EXAIR is all about.

If you’d like to find out if an EXAIR solution could work for your application, contact an Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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