EXAIR NEMA 4 Cabinet Cooler Keeps Electronics on Label Verifier Machine Cool

Label Verifier cabinet cooler
Model 4725 keeps label inspection machine cool

We had been working with a client in the South East Asia region who made cans for a variety of food and beverage products. They had a problem with their label verification machine overheating due to the high ambient temperature within the plant. They are located in a tropical setting, so heat and humidity have been a problem on a variety of their equipment.

In this case though, we sent a Cabinet Cooler Sizing Guide to the customer to get the necessary data to calculate the heat load that was present within the cabinet. After running the calculations, the result was the application required 1200 Btu/hr. of cooling power to keep the inside of the box at a reasonable 35° C. We could have recommended that the customer go with a thermostat controlled system, but they wanted to have a constant purge of air within the box. So, we recommended our 1700 Btu/hr., continuous operating system in NEMA type 4 (model 4725). The unit has more than enough cooling power to keep the customer’s electronics cool and on-line even through their hottest summer temperatures.

Before installation of the Cabinet Cooler System, the customer was experiencing a reject rate that was unacceptable due to false reads by the sensor system. After installation of the Cabinet Cooler System, the customer made a survey of their defects manually. Every single can that was rejected was a proper rejection.

Do you operate your production machinery in high ambient temperatures whether due to hot processes or simply hot summer days?  If so, the EXAIR Cabinet Cooler System can be a great solution for you as it was for our customer in South East Asia.

Neal Raker, International Sales Manager

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