Wood Veneer Pressing Using Venturi Technology

We get some odd calls at EXAIR. Selling factory direct to the end-user means we field calls from all types of people. One these calls turned into a unique and great application.

An amateur woodworker called in looking for a vacuum pump or vacuum generator in order to glue up wooden veneers into complex shapes. This was an application I had not yet assisted anyone with and needed further investigation to understand the process. I found the video below showing the basic mechanisms for the vacuum bag pressing of wooden veneers.

EXAIR vacuum generators, or E-Vacs, are perfect for this application. The E-Vacs, are compressed air powered venturis that  provide vacuum up to 27″ of mercury. In this application once the vacuum is pulled a there is no air flow, so a non-porous vacuum generator is perfect. The customer was able to use our 810002 2 SCFM non-porous vacuum generator, a vacuum switch, and a solenoid to create a flexible veneer press in his own shop. I was immediately struck by how effective this method would be. It is commonly used in for flat pieces, but I could see it being used to form convex curves for artistic pieces.

Here is a time lapse video of a similar process which also features a (helpful?) dog. There are not as many details in this video but it does show some steps not shown in the above video. Plus, it has a dog, and I like dogs.

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