EXAIR Cabinet Coolers: The Solution For Overheating Enclosures

NEMA 4X Cabinet Cooler
EXAIR NEMA 4X Cabinet Cooler keeping an enclosure cool and keeping out dirt, debris, and liquid.

We recently hosted our distributor from Mexico and during the visit took the opportunity to discuss an array of topics, one of which was Cabinet Coolers.  With the onset of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, seasonal temperature swings are sure to bring overheating electrical panels and component failures.

One of the topics that is always of interest, is the method and math used to calculate heat load.  We teach our distributors how to determine heat load based on enclosure size, current conditions, desired conditions, and maximum conditions.  And, we even teach them how to accommodate for fans that may already be installed on an enclosure.  (Quick note – if installing a Cabinet Cooler onto an enclosure with a fan, the fan must be removed and the opening must be sealed to ensure proper operation and humidity control.)

But, many of our end users or OEM customers may not want to spend an hour or two learning about Cabinet Coolers, so we staff our Application Engineering department with competent engineers who can do the calculations for you and get you a quick recommendation. EXAIR Application Engineers are well versed in the intricacies of calculating heat load, how temperature and application specifics can require a special model number, best practices for installation, and a many other areas relevant to our customers.

As things start to heat up, keep your enclosures cool and contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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