Line Vac for Safety

Here is a safety application with a Line Vac.  EXAIR compressed air products have always been the leader in safety when it comes to noise reduction and dead end pressure.  In this application, the safety feature was a little different.  Have you ever seen the large coils of drainage tile in a farm field?  A manufacturer of this plastic corrugated drain pipe contacted EXAIR to help with a safety issue.  The manufacture produced a 4″ (102mm) diameter plastic corrugated pipe that can be sold in lengths up to 3200 feet (970 meters).  They would wrap the drainage pipe around a larger piece of 16″ plastic pipe to support the center of the coil.  After the coil was finished, it could be as large as 8 feet (2.4 meters) high by 15 feet (4.5 meters) wide.  To secure the coil and prevent it from uncoiling, the operator had to thread a line through the center and around the outside.  It was a two person operation where one operator would tie the line onto a piece of conduit and throw it like a spear through the center.  The other operator would then grab the conduit, take it apart, and loop the line around the other side.  They would do this numerous times to keep the coil together.

150100 Heavy Duty Line Vac
150100 Heavy Duty Line Vac

The Health and Safety Engineer, HSE, started to receive incident reports.  They had unexpected passersby that would get hit by the conduit spear.  They had reports of cuts and abrasions from the sharp edges at the end of the conduit after it contacted the steel spool or cement floor.  The HSE had to make a change.  He saw a video from the EXAIR website that used a Line Vac to carry a line through 120 feet (36 meters) of conduit for a start in pulling wires.  (You can see it here:  Video) So, he contacted EXAIR and purchased a model 150100, a 1 inch Heavy Duty Line Vac.  With a model 9040 foot valve, the operator would place the line inside the Heavy Duty Line Vac, hit the foot valve, and feed the line to the other side.  The operation was clean and simple.  For the HSE, it was much safer than getting hit with a piece of conduit.  He will be making it mandatory to install them on all the coil machines.  In any application, an idea and a discussion could bring a safe, efficient, quality solution to any project.  If you would like to discuss your ideas to any of our Application Engineers, you can always contact us.

John Ball , Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_jb

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