Small Threaded Line Vacs for Quick Transfers

EXAIR’s new small Line Vacs are perfect for small conveyance jobs. Years ago EXAIR discovered that our Line Vacs, which are designed to move small bulk products, are very versatile in a variety of application where compressed air is available. For instance view this video below.

In the video the Line Vac is seen shooting the string roughly 10 feet continuously.  This makes for a great demonstration of the Line Vacs power. In the video above, a customer need to be able to pull a tension on several spools (or cones) of thread. The Line Vac is able to easily accomplish this task, but the video also hints at other applications. Take for instance a web trimming operation were a 3/8″ or less strip of material is removed from the side of the web. A Line Vac can both convey the scrap trim and pull a tension on piece for easier cutting.

In the beginning of 2015 EXAIR introduced two new small threaded Line Vacs, the 140038 3/8″ aluminum threaded Line Vac and the 141050 1/2 aluminum threaded Line Vac. These Line Vacs will thread into a piping system to convey small parts,  scrap, trim and bulk materials that can pass through the inner diameter of the Line Vac.

Small Threaded Line Vacs
Small Threaded Line Vacs Convey Colored Plastic Pellets.

The Line Vacs use compressed air to create a small conveyance system.  The Line Vacs are perfect for moving any component, material, or trim that is smaller for its overall ID. The 3/8″ unit features a 0.19″ ID and the 1/2 unit features a 0.31″ ID. These ID’s are the smallest in the threaded Line Vac product line, other threaded model ID’s go up to 1.75″ (44mm). These small Line Vacs won’t work for every application, but they can be the right tool for the job.  Take the 1/2″ Stainless Steel Line Vac. It only uses 15% of the compressed air required by the 2″ Line Vac, but can still move a small amount of material 50 or 100 feet. Take a look at EXAIR’s site for information on how the Line Vacs may help you.

Dave Woerner
Application Engineer

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