NEMA 4 Cabinet Cooler Keeps Vision Inspection Camera Cool

Recently, I visited a packaging manufacturer who specialized in thin-wall, metal containers for such things as paint, oil, thinner, denatured alcohol, etc. On one application the process involved applying a small bead of rubber sealant to the underside of the top portion of a metal spray can to help in sealing the top of the can when assembled. After the sealant was applied, heated air was blown onto the bead to cure it prior to inspection.

The problem was that heat generated from the curing process was collecting in the housing for the inspection camera itself. The enclosure was mounted over top of the track on which the parts were moving by. This lead to overheating of the camera system and resulted in false rejections. The customer installed model 4708 (NEMA 4 Cabinet Cooler System) onto the enclosure to keep it cool for steady, effective operation of the camera. The photo below show the Cabinet Cooler System mounted to the top of the vision inspection system enclosure at the inspection stage.

Model 4708 Cabinet Cooler System

Neal Raker, International Sales Manager

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