Aircoolant System Cools Aluminum Laminate Cutting Process

A machine shop contacted me about a cutting/sawing application.  The customer had a new project to cut an aluminum laminate sheet.   The laminate sheet had a specialized material integrated within the aluminum.  The crux of this situation was that the material could not come in contact with any type of liquid coolant.  Most of his machines used liquid coolant to keep his tools sharp and long lasting.  In this operation, he could use a radial arm saw to cut the sheet, but the blade on this saw was expensive.  Without liquid coolant, he did not want to run the risk of damaging the blade.

My suggestion was to use the model 5330 High Power Cold Gun System.  It is designed to cool tools during milling, drilling, grinding, and sawing operations.  It can reduce the temperature of compressed air by 50 deg. F (28 deg. C).  It has a magnetic base for easy mounting and a dual point hose kit to cool both sides of the blade evenly.  In a short time, he could see the benefit in operating speeds and without using coolant, faster cleanup.  He was able to land the project, operate longer between blade changes, and open the possibility to get more business with new similar applications.

High Power Cold Air Gun

With the new types of materials being generated today, many applications cannot use liquid coolant.  Besides the example above, it would be the same for applications in electronics, food, and pharmaceutical. EXAIR has a range of Aircoolant Systems that may fit into your application.  If you would like more details, you can contact one of our Application Engineers.


John Ball
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_jb

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