Super Ion Air Knife Assists With Lid Sealing

Last week I worked with a food packaging company who was experiencing a static issue when applying a film to seal their single-serve oatmeal cups. The cups move down a conveyor, 6 wide, where they are treated with a nitrogen purge. This causes a fine dust to become airborne. The sealing film travels through a series of rollers overhead and develops a static charge which attracts the dust to the film’s surface. As a result, when the film is applied to the top of the cup, it causes an improper seal which gets rejected at the inspection point.

The roll width is 33″ so I recommended the customer use our 36″ Super Ion Air Knife in the application. The Super Ion Air Knife consist of our Super Air Knife with an Ionizing Bar attached. Together they provide a high velocity, laminar sheet of ionized airflow that would be capable of not only eliminating the surface static to release the dust but also provide blow off to carry the dust away.

Super Ion Air Knife
Super Ion Air Knife ideal for eliminating static over a wide area.

With the dust being airborne once again, the customer was concerned that it could possibly fall back down into the cups after the nitrogen purge. Since they weren’t concerned with static in this particular area, I recommended they mount an additional 6″ Super Air Knife on one side of the conveyor, blowing the high velocity airflow across the top of the cups to create an air barrier to keep the dust from re-entering the cups.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer


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