Happy Holidays From EXAIR!

This is one of the best days at EXAIR. The building is full of cookies, candy, and any number of favorite homemade treats that we all like to share with each other. So far this year we have seen the usual cookies but also cupcakes, sausage balls, salsa, meringues, cheese and crackers and more. You’ll put on weight just reading about it all.

To be fair – today is also a half day, so it just goes hand in hand with a good day.

But beyond those things, EXAIR caters in lunch for all of us. It gives us a chance to hang out, rather than work. We enjoy each others company, talk to people we wouldn’t normally talk to on a normal workday and learn more about each other beyond work. It’s how it should be, we all benefit from spending a bit of quality time together and it helps strengthen our common goals related to EXAIR.

We hope all of you enjoy yourselves over the holidays and spend some time with the great people in your organizations too. From all of us at EXAIR, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.