Slow down. Take in small bits at a time and visualize success.

We are all so busy these days trying to do more, have more and be more things to those who are in our lives. Lately, with events that I have attended and with things I’ve read and seen, I have noted a recurring theme. That theme would be to slow yourself down, even for just a short time, re-focus your energy and visualize success for yourself in whatever you might do. Actually take the time to sit down in a quiet room and take a half hour or more for yourself to just think.

The following video is courtesy of Guitar Center. Steve Vai is one of the most gifted and accomplished musicians on the face of this planet. His comments revolve around playing guitar, but his advice could apply to any hobby, project or even daily life. Take the time to watch the whole video. The message is very good and entertaining at the same time.

During this holiday season when you are rushing around trying to get all the things done that you feel you must, remember to take time for yourself to re-focus yourself and visualize success in all you do. Remember who is most important in your life and remind those people how important they are. There will always be “stuff to do”. Taking a little time for yourself will help you do your best.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer