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Enjoyed the video from our last post? Be sure you come back to our blog regularly. We plan to post more of them, showing different EXAIR products at work.

Here is a video showing our 7-Super Air Nozzle Cluster (in the lower right hand corner of the video in the beginning, then is zoomed out of view) blowing off loose weld grind debris after two sheets of steel are welded together then the weld is ground down smooth. Don’t blink your eyes, or you’ll miss it, this nozzle blows the debris away just like that.

Here is another video from our friends at Cowper in Canada. This one demos how our Super Air Amplifier is used to detect defective doughnut boxes, which would eventually be ejected off the processing line, with an EXAIR Super Air Nozzle, of course J. (What a shame, all those perfectly good doughnuts go to waste, just because the box doesn’t close correctly!)

This next video from Cowper is another demo, this time of one of our larger Super Air Nozzles. It is just a single nozzle, but packs almost as powerful a punch as our nozzle clusters. It is moving a piece of steel rebar off a table onto the floor. And it really goes! Now that’s a lot of blowing force!

The final Cowper video for this post is a demo of a part sorting application. It uses a Line Vac for conveying, but the Line Vac isn’t really visible. It is inside the black tube, picking up the placed pink piece (say that 10 times fast), and carrying it to the other end of the room, where it is deposited on the sheet of advertising material that was conveyed from a stacking/de-stacking machine. The combo of items is then pushed off the conveyor, where it could continue on to another process, such as through a folding/packaging machine, etc.

Like what you’ve seen so far? We will keep it coming, but we are always looking for new material. So, if you have any ideas, pass them along.

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