Industrial Grade Food Saver

When it comes to bread I like mine soft and moist. I learned from a bread vendor that the twist ties are color coded for the day that it was baked. 

Blue = Monday
Green = Tuesday
Red = Thursday
Yellow = Friday
White = Saturday

Guess they do not bake on Sunday and Wednesday.

So it was particularly interesting to me when a customer who bakes bread called and asked for a solution to extending the shelf life and freshness of their breads.

What  he wanted to do is to evacuate all the air out of the bread bag before they sealed it up. They needed to vacuum in a hurry but not with so much vacuum that it crushed the bread. This was a perfect application for the model 120020 air amplifier. It provided high air flow with low vacuum. Tweaking the air pressure put to the air amplifier, they were able to achieve just the right amount of vacuum.

On an industrial grade, the air amplifier performed on the same principle as your food saver at home.

Joe Panfalone, EXAIR Application Engineer

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