Separate Sheet Stock with Super Ion Air Knife

A customer of ours who built an assembly line for 48″ x 96″ corrugated plastic sheet was having a problem with the stack of plastic sheet on the lift table. The sheets were set in a stack on the lift table, removed from the stack with suction cups and moved to a die cutting machine to manufacture boxes.

When the sheets were lifted by the suction cups, more than one sheet was lifted from the stack due to a static charge in between the sheets. You may not know that static can only be neutralized by exposing the static charge directly to some kind of static eliminating product or air flow. In this case the static elimination air needed to reach in between the sheets.

Another problem with the application was the strength of the static charge. This charge was very high and holding the sheets together tightly. For this reason we recommended three model 1122 2″ Super Air Nozzles across the 48″ edge of the sheet. These nozzles had enough force to create a gap in between the sheets.

After the gap was created an EXAIR Super Ion Air Knife could reach the static charge and begin to peel the bottom sheet from the top as the suction cups lifted the sheets.

Sometimes a combination of product can provide the best solution.

Kirk Edwards, EXAIR Application Engineer

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