The Speed of Industry

A nuclear engineer I spoke with this morning said he graduated in 1966 and was obsolete in 1971, the technology in that industry was developing so fast that his knowledge was no longer useful. It seems as time goes on industry moves faster every day.

The compressed air industry is no exception, it is moving forward quickly with efficient technologies and safer products. A sharper focus on energy savings across the world naturally affects the industry. The globalization of industry expands markets. And the electronic age effects how products find their way into those markets.

At EXAIR we have embraced the speed at which things change. We have always had air nozzles but in 2002 EXAIR began development of our Super Air Nozzle line which greatly increased efficiency and lowered noise levels. We introduced the line with one model number 1100, and today offer no less than 38 models of Super Air Nozzles with similar characteristics. Since 2005 we have added over 1000 new model numbers.

In 2007 we added a completely new product line of Optimization Products, to keep up with the demand for compressed air efficiency. In 2008 another new product line was introduced, our E-Vac vacuum generators and we have added a new adjustable vacuum generator earlier this year. These new product lines increase our market and give EXAIR the ability to solve more problems for customers.

It seems like the quickest changes come from the way we try to communicate with customers, this blog is a good example and RSS feeds. We have posted videosof many products online. And my e-mail signature now has our Twitter link.

It’s a fast paced world out there. EXAIR is fully staffed and we have the knowledge to help you stay up to speed whether by saving some compressed air in your plant or helping a plant operation work better and/or faster or getting you some information quickly. Our Intelligent Compressed Air products are keeping pace with the speed of industry.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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