Super Air Knife Cleans Up Hardboard

In the production of hardboard, or the type of board used for pegboards, they press the pulp down on to a screen which squeezes out the moisture and helps bind an adhesive.

After each pressing, the screens must be cleaned so any debris does not leave a pit or defect in the surface of another hardboard. An automated spraying arm uses a high pressure liquid spray to release any pulp from the screen. Any particles blown from the screen fall onto the bottom anvil plate.

If the pulp on the anvil plate stays in place, it could also affect the surface finish of the next board. There is a small space between the screen and the anvil plate which needs to be cleaned of the pulp and liquid.

EXAIR outfitted the spray arm with a 6″ Super Air Knife to follow the liquid nozzles and clean the anvil plate. A solenoid valve operates the Super Air Knives to turn on and off as the spray arm activates for each cleaning cycle.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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