Digital Flow Meter Opens Customer’s Eyes

Automatic machining processes, usually set up in manufacturing cells, frequently use  compressed air to clear machining chips from tooling, fixtures, finished workpieces, etc. I’ve been talking with a person recently who had 3 machining centers set up in cells to produce steering components. There were 3 complete cells for a total of 9 machines.

The customer suspected he was using a lot of compressed air as the blowing components within each machine were all of a “homemade” variety. Before doing anything to retrofit the blow-off stations within the machines, he wanted to benchmark where they were with current air consumption.

The customer was familiar with EXAIR and knew we sold air nozzles and other related equipment. What he didn’t know was that we did in fact also have Digital Flow Meters available. I recommended that he install a model 9095 2″ Digital Flow Meter onto the main pipe serving  the area where these machining centers were located.

The eye opening bit was when he first connected the power to the flow meter he was noting a constant demand of about 100 SCFM with spikes up over 290 SCFM depending on which machines were executing the blow off procedure and their relative timing.

After noting those benchmark measurements, the customer replaced their existing “nozzles” with some appropriate size EXAIR engineered nozzles which included our Stay Set Hoses for orienting the nozzles into proper position. The customer also installed a 60 gallon receiver tank in the line to absorb the spikes in the compressed air usage.

The result was the application now had a steady consumption of only 50 SCFM. Thanks to the receiver tank, the spikes were reduced to a mere 60 SCFM.

If you would like to cut the air consumption of your existing homemade blow-off system by 50% or more and prevent wild swings in the amount of air demand within your application, please call us to discuss how to implement the strategy and also which of our products would best suit your needs.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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