Vortex Tube Provides Cooling Tunnel for Pipe

A manufacturer of hardwood plywood and veneer has developed a soy based adhesive which bonds the layers of wood and veneer. This adhesive runs through a 4″ pipe and is activated by heat. The 4″ pipe runs from the source of the adhesive throughout the plant to individual bonding machines.

The adhesive moves very slowly through the pipe; it basically sits in the pipe and moves only when it is applied at one of the bonding machines. One portion of the pipe runs high into the ceiling of the plant where it picks up some heat. This heat causes the adhesive to begin to set up and causes a great deal of trouble dispensing the adhesive into the bonding machines and through the nozzles which apply it to the wood.

An EXAIR Vortex Tube model 3240 was installed on to a 5″ PVC pipe which was retrofitted around the 4″ adhesive pipe. The PVC pipe section is 10 feet long. The Vortex Tube is pumping cold air in between the two pipes and providing the necessary cooling to keep the adhesive from setting which allows the customer to apply it without any problems.

In applications like this it is best to seal the open ends of the pipe as well as possible and supply a small vent hole for the Vortex Tube air flow. With the vent hole on one end and the Vortex Tube on the other end of the 10′ pipe section, the air flow moves down the length of the entire pipe and provides the cooling.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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