Adjustability of 2″ Super Air Nozzle Key for Success in Application

The following application example comes to us compliments of our German distributor.

The end customer manufactures stainless steel parts that go into production of a clothes washing machine. The customer wanted to blow off a stainless steel, round part used to fabricate the washing machine drum. Previously, they were using a home-made blow off system that consisted of the typical, flattened pipes loosely referred to as “nozzles”.


After thorough consultation with our distributor representative about which EXAIR nozzle would be a good choice, the customer opted to use (4) Model 1122 2″ Super Air Nozzles in the application to blow off the stainless part. The customer was not instantly satisfied with the force generated onto the target. And so, after more consultation, the customer increased their line sizes to eliminate all restrictions to the compressed air flow to the nozzles. They also purchased a model 1132SS Shim set to allow for adjustment of the airflow gap on the model 1122 nozzles and they were able to find a suitable setting that produced the desired dryness result on their product.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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