Just For You Today, At No Extra Cost – SAFETY

Green manufacturing, energy efficiency, green energy and energy savings are all phrases we use for our focus upon lowering our energy consumption. Fortunately for EXAIR, our products have been green longer than the focus and the nifty phrases have been around. Our Super Air Nozzles, Super Air Knives and Super Air Amplifiers are the most efficient (lowest air consumption) compressed air products in the industry.

But many people do not also realize that when they decrease their air consumption with our products, they also increase something very important – SAFETY. Our product line is not only engineered and manufactured for saving energy but for saving lives. All of EXAIR’s products meet or exceed the OSHA standard 1910.242(b) which states the static pressure on the outlet of a compressed air product cannot exceed 30 PSIG.

High pressure at the outlet of a compressed air blow off application is typically found when using open tubes or pipe, or pipe with drilled holes. Pressures which exceed 30 PSIG can inject air into the bloodstream and cause an embolism, an air bubble obstructing a blood vessel and it can be life threatening. EXAIR products have been engineered to use high inlet pressure (80-100 PSIG) but remain below the 30 PSIG out the exhaust. The high inlet pressure allows us to maintain high velocity outlet air flow which produces higher force levels than low pressure applications.

Another safety feature which is engineered into EXAIR’s blow off products is the low sound levels. Again our products produce some of the lowest decibel levels in the industry. This attribute helps with worker comfort by keeping the work environment quiet. Most of our air nozzles would not even be noticed in a typical manufacturing environment.

So replacing that open pipe or tube with an engineered air nozzle or removing the pipe with drilled holes to leave room for a Super Air Knife will certainly provide you with some green energy savings which will make the boss happy. But it will also create a safer work environment which will keep the boss and  the employees happy – it’s a win-win.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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